How to Collect Payments with Typeform

Updated: Apr 4, 2024

Published: Apr 4, 2024

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Typeform is a form creation tool that’s recognized for its interactive and user-friendly forms. It has payment functionality built-in for its paid plans. In this article, we’ll show you how to accept payments with Typeform and free alternatives like FormPay.

Can you collect payment on Typeform?

To enable payments for Typeform, you must subscribe to an expensive paid monthly or annual plan – Basic, Plus or Business. These plans start at $29 USD a month and can go up to almost $100 USD per month, which could be prohibitive for small businesses that are just starting out. To accept payments, you’ll also need to pay a payment processing fee for every transaction to Stripe, which further adds to your costs. 

Typeform does offer a free plan, but unfortunately it doesn't let you accept payments with it. 

If you’d like a free alternative to Typeform with payments included, we recommend FormPay. FormPay was built with e-commerce in mind where you can collect form submissions with payments without additional monthly fees or transaction limits. There are no monthly fees for FormPay, only an incremental transaction fee for every transaction processed.

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How does Typeform accept payments?

Typeform uses Stripe, a payment processor, to let you accept payments with your form. Here are the steps to start accepting payments with Typeform:

  1. Design a form on Typeform for your product, service, bookings, event or food sales
  2. Add a Payment question to your form.
  3. Once you add a Payment question, you’d be asked to set up a Stripe account for Typeform in order to accept payments. Stripe is a payment processor that allows your respondents to pay you securely via credit card.
  4. Add prices to questions with Logic. To dynamically add price calculations, you must use the Logic for the Payment question and press “Branching and calculations” to create the branch flows in order to calculate prices. This is useful in the case where you might be charging for add-ons or variations for your product. For example, a two tier cake may cost $200, while a one-tier cake costs $100. In the published form, Typeform will then be able to calculate all the prices the respondent selects, and charge them the correct amount automatically. 
  5. Publish and share your form!

Typeform payments question

Typeform’s payments may be confusing to set up initially as it was designed for form submissions, not ecommerce. However, there are other services like FormPay that are much simpler and designed for ecommerce, but like Typeform, uses Stripe for payment processing and offers automatic calculations of totals.

Does Typeform accept Paypal?

No, Typeform does not allow you to accept Paypal for payments.

Is there a free Typeform alternative with payments included?

Yes! You don’t have to pay exorbitant monthly fees to Typeform just to accept payments. FormPay is a free alternative to Typeform that doesn’t charge setup or monthly fees. FormPay lets you build out a form to collect information, but also easily add prices to all your form elements. 

Unlike Typeform’s free plan, FormPay doesn’t limit the number of form submissions you can have. And not only that, you don’t have to pay setup or expensive monthly fees. All you have to pay is a small transaction fee for every payment transaction processed. You get a professionally-looking form with secured Stripe payment processing integration. In addition, every time a transaction is processed, both you and your customers receive an order confirmation email. You’ll also have an order dashboard where you can manage all your orders in one place.



Typeform is an interactive and engaging form-builder with some payments capabilities through their Payment question. However, in order to use its payments integration, you have to sign up for their monthly paid plan that could be prohibitive for independent businesses and organizations. It can also be difficult to set up. Instead, you can choose a free service like FormPay that has all the form creation capabilities combined with payments and ecommerce features already built-in – and as a bonus, there are no monthly fees!

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